Study and live at an American Boarding School

Private Boarding Schools in the USA are for students who want more - of everything! More attention from teachers, more challenging opportunities, more preparation for university, more advanced sports and arts facilities, and more opportunities for the future. Boarding Schools are usually competitive, with selective admissions, small classes, and individual attention from highly qualified faculty. WhatCollege only works with schools that have documented high quality academics and facilities. We partner directly with American Boarding Schools that offer a great education and the best possible environment for study, enrichment activities, and social achievement.

Research shows that students who have attended Boarding Schools in the USA report higher rates of:

  • Satisfaction with their teachers
  • Achievement of higher degrees
  • Advanced positions in their careers
  • Satisfaction overall with their high school experience

Where are our Boarding Schools?

All of our Private Boarding Schools partners are in the USA and Canada – including California, Texas, Toronto Florida, Boston, Washington DC, Vancouver, Connecticut, New York, and Arizona.

International students choose Boarding Schools for their strong academics results and university prep programs that help students be accepted to top universities in the USA and around the world. However, some international students choose US boarding schools for the unique programs that cannot be found in high schools in their own country.

What are the advantages of Boarding Schools?

US Boarding Schools have excellent academics, and many offer specialty programs. These programs include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), AP Courses, Robotics, Languages, or Business Entrepreneurship. There are also art-focused programs such as a performing arts conservatory, a world-class ballet program, film-making or a competitive music program in partnership with a top university. Other schools might have unique offerings such as a golf course, horseback riding facilities on campus, or even flying lessons for students.

Boarding Schools provide international students with the best environment to enrich their skills in academics, arts, sports and leadership – the accomplishments that top US and global universities are seeking.

Most Boarding Schools seek talented students, but a few Boarding Schools are good options for students who need extra help to be successful in school.

Some other benefits of boarding schools are always having your friends close by, having teachers and faculty available for extra support around the clock, living close to classes, and choosing from a healthy menu of professionally prepared food each day.

Who can apply?

Most boarding schools are seeking international students in grades 8 – 12; as well as some seeking students of a younger age. Each boarding school has its own requirements for admissions and will look at each student’s academic grades, English level, and motivation. Schools will require an online or in-person interview with each applicant before considering their admission. Students should take a TOEFL or ELTiS test to determine their English ability prior to applying.

Some schools are highly competitive, accepting only a handful of students a year. Some schools have excellent English (ESL) programs for international students and therefore can accept a student with a lower level of ESL than a day school can. With so many variations, it can be difficult to know which school is best for you. However, our Admissions Consultants help each student understand which boarding schools are the best fit, and you can apply for multiple high schools with 1 application.

Start an enquiry and our staff or regional partners will help you understand the admission process and requirements to apply.

Boarding School Fees in the USA and Canada

Each Boarding School sets its own fees for tuition, accommodation, and meals. The typical costs range from $30,000 USD to $75,000 USD per academic year. There are often additional fees for insurance, additional English as a Second Language classes, student activities, damage deposit, uniform, textbooks, breaks etc. We can assist talented students to secure partial scholarships that can decrease the price of a Boarding School if the student demonstrates financial need or extraordinary ability.

We unfortunately are unable to assist students who require full scholarships or a free education.

Browse Highschools

Church Farm School
Church Farm School

Pennsylvania, USA All Boys

Every young man at Church Farm School is chosen for his leadership potential. Our community is very diverse, with students coming from across the country and around the world. Central to Church Farm School is the boarding experience, which extends far beyond our 10 cottages and 150-acre campus. It fosters common experiences in our dorms, on our athletic fields and in our Chapel services. Our teachers reside with their families on or near campus, and participate fully in the life of the school—and the lives of our boys.

Garrison Forest School
Garrison Forest School

Maryland, USA All Girls

At Garrison Forest School, we recognize every girl has a unique path to success, and our community is built around supporting and empowering her through her journey. We help each girl find her individual path, give her space and support to explore and grow and challenge her in ways that develop her authentic voice. Our graduates leave GFS ready to serve and shape the world with confidence, creativity and integrity.

Lee Academy
Lee Academy

Maine, USA

Lee Academy is an above average, private, boarding school located in LEE, ME. It has 190 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 13 to 1. Tuition is $46,325 for the highest grade offered. After graduation, 55% of students from this school go on to attend a 4-year college.