A prestigious private school education with an American Host Family

Most international students who attend the Private Day program stay for multiple years, and continue to a competitive university in the US. Others, however, will attend a Private Day School Program for the experience of an academic year abroad and return home.

Where are our Private High Schools?

Our Private Day schools are located throughout the USA including California, Massachusetts, Florida and New York. We work directly with these schools and work with the school to arrange students' host family accommodation while they attend school.

We work directly with over 60 private secondary schools in over 20 US states, offering incredible options for American and international students - such as STEM, IB, AP Courses, Honors Courses, Dual Enrollment, and more. Our Private High Schools include some of the top ranked high schools in the USA - including Blue Ribbon High Schools and schools ranked A+ on Niche.com. Some are very competitive, admitting just a few top performing students each year; others are more flexible and will welcome students at a range of academic levels.

Some schools are located in US locations such as New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Texas, and Florida. Others are located in smaller cities and towns throughout America; Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, Georgia. Most are co-ed, although we do offer a few all-boys and all-girls private schools. We have many private day schools that are non-religious, as well as some that are Catholic, Christian, Episcopalian, and others.

Our Admissions Consultants work with each student to understand their goals, budget, and background to recommend the best schools to match them.

Living with a host family

All host families are carefully selected, screened and supervised by each respective school. Host families come in many shapes and sizes, but will always offer international students a safe and supportive environment. All families have a strong interest in welcoming an international student into their home and sharing the American culture and way of life.

Each student is assigned a Local Coordinator who will orient them to their new community and act as a personal support throughout their stay. Local Coordinators provide a welcome orientation for international students, act as an advocate for the student if they have questions about the host family or school, and typically provide monthly reports on the student’s progress – by talking to the student, school, and host family.

Who can apply?

International students aged 14 - 18 are eligible to attend our Private Day program, in grades 8-12. Each private school has its own admissions requirements, but all international students must have and maintain minimum passing grade point average (2.0 GPA). All student applicants are interviewed by their high schools to make sure they hold the necessary level of maturity and motivation to study abroad.

Some schools are highly competitive, accepting only a handful of students a year. Some schools have excellent English (ESL) programs for international students and therefore can accept a student with a lower level of ESL than a day school can. With so many variations, it can be difficult to know which school is best for you. However, our Admissions Consultants help each student understand which boarding schools are the best fit, and you can apply for multiple high schools with 1 application.

Students will need to test their English through a ELTIS or TOEFL test. ESL classes are available in some schools, for students who need extra English support.

How to apply for Private High School in the USA?

  • International students usually apply for Fall enrolment, however, some private schools accept January enrolments.
  • The general deadline for Fall enrollment is June 15, however many popular private high schools close earlier, so complete your application as early as possible to get your first choice of schools.
  • Use our High School search to find your prefect school, or submit a pre-application to request assistance from our Admissions Consultants.

How to apply for Private High School in the USA?

Each Private High School has a unique price. Generally a Private High School in the USA, including host family accommodation, meals, ongoing support and supervision for international students ranges between $22,000 USD to $60,000 USD per academic year.

Private High Schools in big cities like Boston, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and San Francisco tend to be more expensive; as well as non-religious high schools.

Fees include:

  • Tuition at the Private School
  • Accommodation with a host family
  • Meals
  • F-1 Visa application documents and support
  • Airport welcome and pick up

Browse Highschools

Church Farm School
Church Farm School

Pennsylvania, USA All Boys

Every young man at Church Farm School is chosen for his leadership potential. Our community is very diverse, with students coming from across the country and around the world. Central to Church Farm School is the boarding experience, which extends far beyond our 10 cottages and 150-acre campus. It fosters common experiences in our dorms, on our athletic fields and in our Chapel services. Our teachers reside with their families on or near campus, and participate fully in the life of the school—and the lives of our boys.

Garrison Forest School
Garrison Forest School

Maryland, USA All Girls

At Garrison Forest School, we recognize every girl has a unique path to success, and our community is built around supporting and empowering her through her journey. We help each girl find her individual path, give her space and support to explore and grow and challenge her in ways that develop her authentic voice. Our graduates leave GFS ready to serve and shape the world with confidence, creativity and integrity.

Lee Academy
Lee Academy

Maine, USA

Lee Academy is an above average, private, boarding school located in LEE, ME. It has 190 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 13 to 1. Tuition is $46,325 for the highest grade offered. After graduation, 55% of students from this school go on to attend a 4-year college.