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Qualified students, global presence

Recruit qualified students, whilst expanding your reach internationally and diversifying your student body. Access our global network of approved recruiters and students from 6 continents, achieving true diversity.

Hundreds of international recruiters

Refine your target audience and locate the students you want to recruit from the territories you’re interested in.

Engage with approved recruiters and qualified students

Save time by engaging only with the recruiters and students that meet your specific criteria.

Centralise and aggregate communications

Communicate with your entire recruitment partner network in one centralised location, without the need for costly international travel and lengthy partner onboarding.

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Bootstrap Themes

Set and manage recruitment fees

Set your commission rates, track and manage commission payments with our easy to use system

Bootstrap Themes

Promote your institution globally, with less effort and cost

By accessing our network of approved recruitment agencies, you can engage with students from India, Russia, Nepal, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, the UK and many more countries and territories.

Institution Profile

Updating your institution profile to ensure accurate information is front and centre, allowing students to learn more about what makes your institution special.

Expanded Network

Expand your network of recruitment partners in a few simple steps, saving time on researching and qualifying potential partners.


Share important updates and marketing materials with international recruiters and students, targeting the territories that match your recruitment objectives.