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Helping you meet your diversity objective and international student goals, WhatCollege gives you access to validated students from across the globe. We do the heavy lifting, ensuring every student who applies through us is fully vetted and committed, so you don't have to.

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AIRC Certified

Your future students are in safe hands. We work with complete transparency, honesty and respect, while ensuring exceptional operational effectiveness.

21+ years of experience

We pay attention to detail. Our dedicated teams support our recruitment partners and students through the entire application process and beyond, ensuring the future success of the students and your institution.

35,000+ students placed

Numbers speak for themselves.

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Our Service

International Student Recruitment

Giving you access to the best talent. Place top-rated and fully vetted students from across the globe.

End-to-end application management

We take the stress out of the process, from handing student and agent enquires to student document validation and application submission.

Access to a global network of sub-agents

We partner with a wide network of agents across the globe to ensure a rich diversity of students, not only from across borders but within each regional location. Our wide network also means we're resillient to external factors that may otherwise affect achieving enrolment objectives.

Global institution promotion

We support your marketing efforts to further promote your brand across our network as standard. In addition, we can provide custom marketing services to further extend your brand in regional locations and languages.

Brand building and entry into new markets

Specifically designed for institutions that have a lesser presence in international markets. We can work closely with you to place your brand right in front of the international audience.

Guided country visits

Ever wondered where your students come from? Get to interact with prospective students, visit schools and colleges and meet local recruitment partners. Gain a better understanding of the local cultures and what students' from international locations expect when they join your institution.

Events and conferences

Events and conferences recruitment fairs and events are a great way to attract international talent. We can help you participate in such events or even organise your own.

Dedicated in-country managers

We can provide dedicated specialists in local territories. These experts recruit students solely for your institution. They can generate student leads via a combination of direct student engagement and through our network of recruitment partners. Our admissions team handle all aspects of student counselling and application management to collectively support the dedicated specialist.

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21+ years of experience
Large international student base
Full document verification
Financial validation
Reduce agency and student fraud
Streamline your admissions process
Complete application management
Regular reports and updates
Experts in brand building
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